Thursday, 24 November 2016

Ye Olde Artwork: Children through the ages

A series of pictures I drew when I was 16. I started in the present and went back a generation each time.

Interesting to see:
  • Interest in historical costume (though I'm now more into ancient history).
  • Drawing children - still do kids' stuff.
  • Attention to detail and historical accuracy - I looked up likely names for the children at each period.
  • Abandonning projects half-finished - yep, still do that... 
Click pics to see bigger.

I got the 1919 clothes out of an old book of my Grandma's

Small boy in a dress :-)

Interesting that in 1845 both little boys and girls wore dresses and trousers, though there are a few minor style differences (minor to us, but probably glaringly obvious to them, just as we can tell a girl's and boy's T-shirt at a glance).

Youngest 1720 child is also a boy!!!

Obviously getting a bit bored by now...

Right pic above and left pic below were from the same period, but Roundheads and Cavaliers respectively.

Another boy in a skirt in right pic.

And then I decided to go back to prehistory! More interesting.

Based on Danish bronze age burial mounds.

Right pic from Spanish cave paintings (reconstruction of clothes from History of Everyday Things by Giovanni Caselli); left pic just how I imagined cave people!

And my imagination of the future! Just need to wait a couple of years now...

I remember someone querying whether they would still wear skirts in the future. My argument was that, since we are not obliged to wear skirts now (i.e. 1993), but people still do, they are just as likely to do so in the future.

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